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led strip sign

Led Strip Sign: Why You Need It And How To Build

Led lights produce light by passing electric currents through light-emitting diodes. Led lights are the preferred sources of lights because of the following :  They consume […]
Led strip lights

A Detailed Look at Various Series of Led Strip Lights and How They Differ

Just like any other products manufacturer, an led strip lights manufacturer produces different versions of led strip lights so as to give their clients a variety […]
A lighting projector

The Benefits of COB Led Strip Lighting Technology

Led strips are the latest lighting technology that are both efficient and energy saving. An led strip consists of several led light emitters. They are flexile […]
cob led technology

Cob Led Technology: No Spots

Cob led technology is the most recent technological advancement in the lighting industry. Cob is an acronym standing for chip on board flexible led light. Like […]
LED 3528 SMD

LED 3528 SMD: A Full Guide

Lighting fixtures have evolved from ages ago and now LED technology is changing the game entirely. Nowadays, technology has improved, and incorporating them into our daily […]
Led light beams

Cob Led Vs Cree: Which Led Lighting Technology Is Better

Led lighting technology has become the most popular in the modern market and it keeps on evolving day by day. This is an effort to improve […]
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