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  • 5050 LED Strip

  • 3528 LED Strip

  • 2835 LED Strip

  • 3014 LED Strip

  • 5730 LED Strip

  • 2216 LED Strip

LED Strip Light of Elstar Quality

We offer a wide variety of LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting. Using the pre-coated 3M tape or the compatible aluminum profile, the lights can be easily mounted to any corner.

  • High Quality LEDs

    Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.

  • Aluminum Backboard

    The backboard of 2~4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

  • Easily Cuttable

    Using cutting tools to separate the strip light into any desired length.

Inspire Creative Lighting With Elstar !