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We supply constant current LED drivers in bulk at competitive wholesale rates. Our team will attend to you promptly and strive to meet the power needs of your lighting project.

Choosing the Right Meanwell Constant Current LED Driver For LED Strip


Mean Well constant current LED drivers have protection features for risks like overloading, overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuits. Additionally, most are waterproof with high IP ratings and for safe outdoor installations.

Multiple Dimming Options

Different models provide for either 3-in-1 and timer dimming or smart-timer dimming via potentiometer. This feature allows you to set your LED lights to the brightness that you prefer.

Wide Power Requirement

The LED driver models we offer accommodate a wide range of power requirements. They are reliable for regulating high unsteady input voltage/current to a safe level of output voltage/current.

Highly Efficient

Mean Well LED drivers are designed to save power and have efficiency rates of over 90%. The typical no-load or standby consumption of the drivers is less than 0.5W.

Wide Application

We supply LED drivers that can be used in diverse commercial, residential, indoor, or outdoor settings. Some models are also resilient enough for use in designated levels of hazardous locations.

Your Reliable LED Light Driver Suppliers

Elstar is a supplier of quality LED light drivers. We work with reputable constant current LED driver manufacturers in the industry like Mean Well to offer customers the best options.

Bulk Price

We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders to make products more affordable for more customers. You can purchase enough top-of-the-line LED drivers for your project without worrying about cost restraints.

Flexible MOQ

High and rigid MOQs are restrictive and deny customers access to products. However, at Elstar we offer low MOQs to accommodate the purchase requirements of most of our customers.

Fast Quote

Our team of dedicated staff is always on hand to receive and respond to all inquiries. We respond to quote requests within 24 hours with all the details you may need.

Custom Service

Custom projects require unique solutions. We have the skill and experience to develop a customized solution for your lighting project. Our lead times are brief and we offer sample products.

What is a Constant Current LED Driver?

A constant current LED driver is an electrical instrument that regulates the amount of current running through LED lights. It prevents them from drawing too much current from the power source which could cause the diodes to burn out.

How Does a Constant Current LED Driver Work?

When LED lights get hotter the voltage being transmitted forward reduces and they begin to draw more current. A constant current LED driver compensates for such changes in current draw. Additionally, it regulates the current supply and maintains at suitable levels.

Why Use a Constant Current LED Driver?

In the absence of a constant current LED driver, LEDs would eventually draw too much current from the power supply and burn themselves out. Maintaining a constant current supply is also essential as fluctuating current or surges could cause damage.

How Do You Choose a Constant Current LED Driver?

The model specifications of your LED lights will determine which constant LED driver suits your project. Consider:

Factor in installation needs too like the number of LEDs you can run and dimming.

Constant Current Vs Constant Voltage LED Driver

A constant current LED driver delivers a fixed output current but the levels of voltage vary within a set range.

A constant voltage LED driver maintains a fixed direct current voltage(VDC) supply regardless of the level of alternating current voltage(VAC) it receives from the power source.

How to Install a Constant Current LED Driver?

Constant current LED drivers are installed between the LED lights and the power source.

Using an LED Strip Connector

Soldering Method

Driving The Light

Power supply provides LEDs of strip light with the electricity they require to function and perform at their best.

  • Long Lifetime

    High quality power supply with sufficient capacity promise you a longer lighting time.

  • Stable & Reliable Performance

    Ensuring the LEDs running normally in low voltage direct current.

  • Adaptability to Lights

    For different types of strip lights, we got the compatible power supply with a suitable voltage.

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