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Elstar manufactures high-quality flexible LED light strips of variant colors for residential, commercial, and industrial use. We strive to create LED light products that meet your requirements and high standards. We do this by understanding your unique lighting needs and providing customized solutions.

Our wide range of LED tape light are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. We can tailor-make LED strips to suit your lighting projects helping you realize your creative LED lighting ideas.

Our team of LED strip manufacturing experts is adept at understanding your lighting needs and translating them into LED light strips that will fit right in and last for ages. We use only high-quality LEDs and other raw materials to ensure our LED strips are the best in the market.

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Fully Customized LED Strip Lights

Looking to light an irregular space or a super creative project?Elstar can help create LED strips that cater to your exact requirements with our wide range of LED products. We are one of China’s top LED manufacturers and suppliers because we always put the client first.

We can easily translate your lighting needs and provide customized lighting solutions. Our experts can provide you full PCB design support and create LED strips that are just the right color, size, shape, and brightness. We can also provide customized power supply options and specialized LED strip controllers. So all you have to do is install the LED strips and enjoy the light.

Our tailor-made LED strips offer you the opportunity to choose what you prefer:

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    Interior lighting
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Realizing Your Amazing LED Light Strip Projects

As China’s top LED tape light supplier, Elstar provides innovative lighting solutions to all your lighting needs, be it residential or commercial, or even industrial. Need waterproof outdoor LED ribbon lights? Or custom LED tapes for your design project? Elstar can help you light all your projects. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of these creative LEDs projects we’ve helped our clients create.

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We Control The Production

Technical Proficiency

As a professional LED light strip manufacturing company in China we understand your lighting needs and deliver them proficiently. We use top-of-the-line LEDs and the latest Japanese SMT machines to ensure quality LED strip manufacturing.

Quality Control

At Elstar, we take quality very seriously. Our experts administer quality checks at throughout the LED light strips manufacturing process. This enables us to deliver products with a failure rate of under 1‰.

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Service as Excellent as Quality

Customer Satisfaction

As a professional LED strips supplier, satisfying our customer’s needs is our number one priority Our team of experts is always available to listen to your unique lighting needs and advise effective solutions accordingly. If you can’t find a LED product that suits your needs, we can design one especially for you.

After-Sales Follow-Up

At Elstar, our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the successful delivery of LED products. In fact, that is just the beginning. We believe in building lasting relationships so that whenever you have a need for customized lighting, you think of the most reliable LED strip supplier based in China, Elstar. We follow-up with our clients periodically to check if their LEDs are functioning as promised.

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