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Leader of LED Strip

Elstar is a LED strip light manufacturer enjoying 9 years of experience.High quality products have been exported to all parts of the world.

We are committed to making LED lighting easier, lighter and more tailored. Our identity is shaped by a long tradition of innovation in the field of LED lighting technology.

For Elstar, it's not about the parts of strip light we made or the LED lighting solution we provide, but rather a smarter and leaner lifestyle we made possible.

More About Elstar

Fully Customized Solutions

Wouldn't you prefer a product that is not only easy to install, but also meets your specific requirements?

We offer customized LED strip lights for your project with free choice on:

  • LED types
  • CRI(colour rendering index)
  • Brightness
  • CCT(colour temperature)
  • Sizes
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  • Signal
  • Interior lighting
  • Ironman Mask
  • On your shoes
  • Billboard
  • On the mirror

Realizing Your Amazing Ideas

We see no limitation of LED strip lights' application. We'd love to get inspired by your odd designs!

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We Control The Production

We are confident in the LED strip lights we made. Quality is taken seriously here in Elstar.

In each process, we paid special attention to quality control, which enables us to deliver products with failure rate under 1‰.

From LEDs manufacturing to assembly, highly sophisticated machines and well-trained workers collaborate to produce every detail to perfection.

Service as Excellent as Quality

With a complete knowledge-based system of LED strip lights, we are able to solve any inquiry, quickly and accurately.

  • Technically proficient. To provide a tailored solution, a strong technicial back-up is available.

  • Quick Master of Customers' Need. We are
    experienced to provide our advice on choosing the right lighting way.

  • After-sales Follwing-up. We value every detail
    and appreciate every need from our clients.

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