Flexible LED Strip Production - Elstar

LEDs Manufacturing

Testing Process:

  • Baking Process:
    Dehumidifying in all steps

  • Light Color Matching:
    Light Consistency

  • Microscope Checking:
    Correct placement of wafers

SMT Process

The solder, which enables energization, is pasted on the
PCB with an accurate positioning by Japanese SMT machines of high accuracy, by which every bead mounted
is well-functioned.

Reflow soldering

Solder pasted before sending in the SMT machine is heated by reflow soldering machines, which dries the solder on the PCB.

Testing Process:

  • Power-on test

Welding Jointed Board

Every led strip come out from the reflowing soldering machine is 50cm, then we will connect every 0.5
meters together to 5 meters or any customized length
by machine or by hand.

Testing Process:

  • Aging test
  • Lighting test
  • Optical and electrical test

Glue Covering

To reach a certain waterproof level, the LED strip lights should be covered by silicone, plastic or both.

We do it by machine but an inspection by eye is necessary to ensure a smooth surface of the strip light. Only in that way the strip light can illuminate the without any seam or gap.

Testing Process:

  • Surface Inspection

Tape Pasting & Packaging

Each strip of light is pasted with 3M tape which is extremely easy for end customers to install.

Testing Process:

  • Random Inspection
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