Amazing Flexible LED Strip Light Gallery - Elstar

Light changed everything, and everything is about change. Join us to change the way others perceive the world!

LED strip light features a flexible installation thus can be used in wide applications. It is now a lighter world, as well as the era of LED strip light.

You may not notice that LED strip lights are everywhere around you. Take a look at the gallery and see if you are inspired!

LED strip light for residential, commercial, industrial uses requires different color and mounting methods. An appropriate choice on the right lighting strips helps to fulfill lighting tasks perfectly in a cost-effective way.

  • Festival

  • Picture

  • Signal

  • Billboard

  • Bicycle

  • Stair Lighting

  • Interior Lighting

  • Cabinet Lighting

  • For Kid's Fun

  • Segway

  • On Your Shoes

  • Cosmetic Use

  • On The Mirror

  • Ironman Mask

  • Building Lighting

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