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Product Features & Benefits of RGB LED Strip

The RGB LED Strip China from Elstar takes designing different spaces to the next level. These marvelous strips come with various features and benefits for convenience. Some of the best features of China RGB LED include:

High Quality

The RGB led flexible strip has passed the quality test to provide the best product.


The RGB flexible LED strip can change colors

Double Layer

The double-layer pure copper 2oz PCB makes the high power RGB LED strip durable.


The 5050 RGB strip gives out the brightest light because of its close placement

Easy Installation

The thin RGB LED strip comes with a 3M adhesive tape that makes installing the lights easy

Wholesale high-quality RGB LED strip
manufactured from Elstar

What makes Elstar 3528 LED strips so popular? Here are a few reasons why our LED strips lights are the perfect choice for you:

RGB LED strip power supply

You need to get a properly powered LED light for the best results. LED lights need a constant current source. Elstar provides both 12 volt RGB LED strip and 24 volts RGB LED strip and you can get the one that meets your lighting requirements. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you get 24V RGB lights.

RGB Dimmable LED Strip

Dimmable RGB LED strip lights don’t depend on voltage for brightness. We offer dimmable RGB LED strips that allow you to save power and adjust the brightness of your light to set the proper mood. You can set it on a maximum or minimum level of brightness without compromising on its performance.

RGB LED Strip Waterproof

RGB waterproof flexible LED strips are ideal to use outdoors or indoors in spaces that are prone to water leakage. Our RGB LED SMD strip can sustain its power even in rainwater. The ip65 RGB LED strip is suitable for outside settings but it is not waterproof. The ip68 RGB LED strip on the other hand can be submerged in water without damage.

High-density RGB LED strip

The small RGB LED strip of Elstar gives out the brightest light because the placement of the lights on the strip is very close. You can use these lights to highlight the best architectural designs of your place. The high-density allows you to brighten even the darkest of corners.

RGB LED strip length

The LED strip should have the most number of LED lights to get the brightest output. However, you might not require too bright light. Just remember that the length of your LED should have as many more lights as much higher output you need.

RGB LED strip materials

Our 24V RGB flexible LED strip is made up of a dual-layer of copper that makes it well-insulated. These LED strips are safe to use with kids and pets around your place. The low voltage of LED lights prevents the risk of overheating and catching fire. The voltage waste due to heating is also minimum with our LED lights.

The first layer of copper acts as the base core layer and the base circuit. The outer layer protects the core layer and enhances the structural integrity of the LED strip making it flexible. Some of the out areas of the copper remain exposed to make electrical contact but that does not affect your safety or your children’s safety in any way.

Our RGB LED strip has a thick coating of copper so that more electricity can flow through the LED strip and give out a bright light and lower the electrical resistance leading to heat buildup. It also helps in the fast dissipation of heat which makes our LED strips last longer. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and hence a thick layer of it helps transfer the heat away from the LEDs.

RGB LED strip color temperature

Lighting and lighting color not only helps us see but greatly affect the ambiance of the place. Color temperature helps differentiate the several tones of white that the LED strips can produce. The higher the temperature color is, the cooler the color is that is blue and lower temperatures generate the warmer red color.

You can change the color of the RGB strip as per the type of ambiance that you want. The color temperature varies from place to place. For your bedroom, you want a warm dimmable LED strip to maintain a cozy atmosphere throughout the day. For medical rooms, the color temperature needs to remain on the cool side to provide a blue light for detecting stains.

For commercial purposes, our LED lights find the best use because they provide a high color rendering index which enables you to differentiate between the colors significantly and easily. A 90 CRI means that the color quality and clarity will be the best.

Have a look at this list to understand what type of color temperature is suitable for which places.

  • Very warm: This type of lighting is perfect for bedrooms and interior applications where warm lighting is sought
  • Slightly warm: This type of lighting is preferred for areas that need a more energized environment but still need a bit of warm light to highlight details like museums, restaurants, art galleries, and other high-end spaces.
  • Warm white and cool white: This type of lighting is perfect for retail fixtures and stores. It is a balance between cool and warm light that provides just the right lighting for continuous use without hurting the eyes.
  • Cool: The applications that require stimulating natural daylight find this type of lighting perfect such as industrial applications, photography, and filming.

Applications of RGB LED strip

The RGBW strip light manufactured by Elstar is versatile and can be used in various different industries. The high density and high power of these LED strips find great use in making a place entertaining.

Use the RGB led strip lights wholesale to make your outdoors look spottier. Let the furniture pop out with our LED RGB streifen lights.
Use the RGB light strip on your PC to make your surfing and gaming experience more colorful.
Highlight the cabinets of your kitchen with our RGBAW LED strip and make cooking fun.
Give a calming vibe to your restaurant with the relaxing blue hues of our RGB LED lights.

Why Wholesale RGB LED Lights In Bulk From Elstar

Elstar offers the best quality products and here are a few reasons why you should buy wholesale RGB LED lights.

Certified strip quality

Elstar’s products provide high-quality, certified strips that have been tested at every step of the process to ensure the best products. You can be assured that the performance and efficiency of our LED lights will be the best.

Full strip options

You can select your strip, your way. You need not buy the full length of the LED strip, you can just have your desired size customized. You can also get your customized LED strip or a custom quote by filling up this form.

Competitive price

Our LED lights are available at a reasonable rate and the wholesale prices are even more affordable. This has made our 5050 RGB LED ribbon light strips popular in the market.

No minimum MOQ

There is no minimum order quantity for ordering our LED lights. You can buy as many as you want or as few as you want.

Bulk RGB LED Strip Wholesale

Elstar is proud to manufacture the best quality RGB LED lights that offer high density and high power. They can also be dimmed to set the light according to the occasion. Our excellence in manufacturing high-quality products will not fail to impress you. 


With Elstar, you can be assured that you won’t have to face any risk of electrical shocks or overheating because of our double-layered protective material used to make safe LED lights. You can get your LED strips customized as per your requirements to get the lighting achievement of your dreams.

LED Strip Light of Elstar Quality

We offer a wide variety of LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting. Using the pre-coated 3M tape or the compatible aluminum profile, the lights can be easily mounted to any corner.

  • High Quality LEDs

    Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.

  • Aluminum Backboard

    The backboard of 2~4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

  • Easily Cuttable

    Using cutting tools to separate the strip light into any desired length.

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