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Elstar is a China-based factory specialized in custom led strip lights.

Our team of designers and engineers can help you customize led strips at a PCB level, so that you can customize in color temperature, luminous intensity, brightness and more.

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Elstar Customized Lighting

Looking to light a special project that needs tailor-made LED light strips? You’ve come to the right place. At Elstar, we can help create bespoke LED light strips that match your exact requirements. All you have to do is let us know what you want to light and we’ll take care of the rest.

Since we are an LED manufacturing company, our custom LEDs mirror your instructions to the tee. Yet they don’t break the bank. We offer customization of LED tape lights at an affordable price.

Our customized LED ribbon lights have been used for lighting many creative projects. So you can start working on your dream project and we’ll help you light it.

led strip manufacturing

PCB Design Support

What makes Elstar stand heads and shoulders above our competitors is that we offer LEDs design support on a PCB level. Printed Circuit Board or PCB is the main component in LED strip design. PCB design dictates how the LED tape lights will work.

We can help design simple and complex LED PCBs to suit the kind of project you’re working on. Customizing your LED light strips on a PCB level means you can hand-pick factors like color temperature, luminous intensity, brightness and more.

We use high-quality raw materials in our LED PCB design so that our tape lights last you a lifetime. We also offer competitive prices so our bespoke LED tape lights suit every pocket.

Customized LED light strips are great for lighting all kinds of projects. LED technology has made it easier for you to light your homes, offices, warehouses and more. The applications are endless and we can help you light them all. RGB and RGBW LED lights alone open up a myriad of lighting options.

The process of ordering a customized SMD LED strip at Elstar is simple and convenient. You can reach out to us and let us know what you need or we can help you figure out the perfect SMD LED ribbon light for your project. In either case, you can rely on us to deliver a quality product.

Table of Contents

  • Step 1: Start Your Project
  • Step 2: Choose the Features You Want to Customize
  • Step 3: Choose Adapted Accessories
  • Step 4: Place Your Order
  • Step 5: Enjoy Lighting Your Project
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Order Customized LED Strips at Elstar

Step 1: Start Your Project

Custom projects come in all shapes and sizes. You may need bespoke LEDsto backlight an abstract art piece, task light a very large warehouse, or create an amazing costume for Halloween. Your project may require colored lights in which case you will need either RGB or RGBW lighting options. No matter what your project is, we can help create just the right SMD LED ribbon light.

Reach Out to Us

The first step towards lighting your project is helping us understand your needs. To do that, contact us and give us an overview of your project. One of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs in detail.

Our representatives will then walk you through the process of ordering custom SMD LED light strips from Elstar. If you already know what you want, just tell our representative and they will get back to you with a relevant price quote within 24 hours.

Get Advice from Experts

Not sure which LED light strip is the best for your project? Don’t worry, our team of experts will help you out. Just explain the details of your project and our experts will advise you on the best SMD LED tape light for it.

In addition to technical specifications, our experts can also help you figure out the size, length, and the number of strips you need to light your project. We can also recommend optimum number of LEDs on a single strip and their brightness and color temperature settings for your space or project.

Step 2: Choose the Features You Want to Customize

Once you reach out to us, we will walk you through all the features you can customize. Since we offer customization of LEDson a PCB level, we can offer you more control over the technical design of your SMD LED tape lights. Here are some of the features we can tailor-make for you:

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your LED strips depend on your project. If you’re lighting a large warehouse, for example, you would need longer strips to cover the surface area. Task lighting on retail shelves will require leaner, shorter strips.

At Elstar, our LED manufacturing unit yields LED tapes in a standard length of 5 meters. We then combine multiple strips together through soldering to get your custom length of the strip. If you’re lighting a larger project, chances are you’ll require flexible LED tape lights of different custom lengths. Our soldering process makes the process more efficient. You can also increase the length of your LED light strip by using a LED connector.

led strip light comparison

The width of your SMD LED ribbon lights depends on a number of factors. If you want a brighter light, we’ll need to install either larger LEDsor increase the LED density. In case of the former, a wider strip will be used to accommodate the size of the LEDs. Flexible LED light strips used in undercabinet lighting, accent lighting, retail lighting and more need to be thinner so as to not affect the aesthetics of your project.

The custom length and width of the SMD LED strips you want also depends on your preference. For example, high-density LED strips will have a greater power draw than an LED strip with larger LEDsmounted on it. Both will have the same luminous intensity. So, you’ll have to make the decision of choosing aesthetics over efficiency or vice versa. No matter your choice, we’ll deliver exactly what’s promised.


We can help design customized SMD LED strips that have just the right luminous intensity for your projects. For example, if you’re lighting a hospital, you’ll need bright white light in the reception, waiting areas, and offices. Warm, cozy, diffused light will suit the atmosphere of a cafe. While dimmable RGB lights will elevate the aesthetics of a club.

The brightness of an LED strip is measured in Lumens. The higher the number of Lumens, the brighter the LED light. Lumens may be represented per meter or per foot of LED light strip. You can tell us how many lumens you want your strip to produce and we will design your flexible LED strip accordingly. If you’re unsure of how many lumens you will need, here is a table for your reference.

lighting comparison in photography
Lighting TaskRecommended Lumens
Accent Lighting
(staircase, pool)
150-250 lm/ft
Nearby Task Lighting
(lamps, under-cabinet)
175-550 lm/ft
Distant Task Lighting
350-1200 lm/ft
Indirect Lighting
375-1200 lm/ft
Signage (hoardings)500-1200 lm/ft

We can make your LED strip fully dimmable on request. That way you can control the brightness of the LED tape light as and when you want. Our LED strips are compatible with all kinds of LED strip light controllers. We can also provide customized RF LED tape light controllers that can help you manage the brightness level of single color, RGB, and RGBW ribbon lights.

Lighting Color

led tape light different colors

You can choose the color of your SMD LED light strips when ordering customized tape lights. We offer many different colors and color combinations. You can decide to use LEDs in RGB, RGBW (warm white light and white light), and single color lights.

If you choose a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 LED ribbon light you will be able to change the colors of your LED strip lights. For example, if you choose a RGBW LED tape light, you won’t just be able to use red, green, blue, and white light. You can also choose any color in the spectrum that can be created using the three primary colors like violet, yellow, orange and more. We provide RF LED controllers that let you change the color of your RGB and RGBW LED tape lights.

Lighting color can really add to the personality of your space or project. So choose the one you want wisely and we’ll create LED tape lights that follow suit.

Color Temperature (CCT)

Color temperature defines how warm or cool the white light produced by your SMD LED tape lights will look. Color temperature affects the overall mood and ambiance of your space. Warm white light can make your room look cozy and comfortable. It is usually used in spaces where you don’t want very bright light like living rooms, lobbies, foyers and more.

Cool white light makes your space look more open and airy. It is great for use in spaces where you need bright light, for example, factories, warehouses, offices, hospitals, schools and more. You can choose warm white light LED strips, cool white light LED strips or a combination of both LEDs to light your space.

CCT is measured in Kelvins. You can tell us the kelvin rating for your LED tape lights and we’ll design them accordingly. If you aren’t sure about the Kelvin information, here is a simple tip. The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler the white light.

led lighting

Kelvin ratings from 2000 to 3000 showcase warm white light. A Kelvin rating of 3000-4000 shows a color temperature that is neither too cool nor too warm. Any rating over 4000 depicts cool white light.

Still confused? Here is a table to help you figure out the color temperature for your LED light strips.

LED Light Strip CCTRecommended Application
2700K - 3000Kliving rooms, bedrooms,
waiting areas, lobbies
3500K - 4100Kkitchens, hallways,
staircases, elevators
5000K - 6000Kgarages, bathrooms,
offices, industrial spaces

CCT should not be confused with the brightness of LED light strips. You can choose to order a LED strip that has a spectrum of white light. Our LED tape lights can produce light from 2000K to 6500K. So you can go as warm and as cool with your white light as you want.

You can adjust both the brightness and color temperature through LED light strip controllers. Choose a color or colors for your bespoke LED ribbon lights and we’ll design your strips to your specifications.

Color Rendering (CRI)

Color Rendering Index or CRI refers to how colors look like under a light source as compared to what they like in direct sunlight. Natural sunlight makes colors look more vivid and clear. To replicate that effect in SMD LED light strips, you need to check the CRI for that particular tape light.

CRI is usually measured in a scale of 0-100. A higher CRI is indicative of a clearer, more accurate visual experience. You should choose to customize LED strips with a higher CRI if you want to install them in spaces like laboratories, operation theatres, factories, and more. Lower CRI LED light strips can be used in spaces like cafes, hotels, homes, and more.

led lighting comparison

Generally, a CRI of 80 and above is considered acceptable for domestic and some commercial lighting applications. For industrial lighting, choose LED strips with a CRI greater than 90. We can produce custom LED strips at the CRI of your choice. All our strips go through the highest LED strips test to ensure your visual experience is as vivid as possible.

Step 3: Choose Adapted Accessories

After you’ve decided on the technical specifications of your customized LED ribbon lights, it is time to choose the accessories. Our promise of a one-window lighting solution to your needs is fulfilled by these adapted accessories. These accessories will help you install, operate, and modify your LED light strips.

We house a number of compatible accessories that you can use to ensure your customized LED tape lights work flawlessly and last for ages. These include LED mounts, LED connectors, LED controllers, and more.

Aluminum Mounting

LED light strip light housing
is great to ensure your SMD LED tapes are protected and last a long time. They also help you mount your LED strips to uneven surfaces and novelty spaces. Another benefit of using these extrusions is that you can camouflage your LED light strips so they don’t go against the aesthetics of your space.

Elstar is also an aluminium profile led supplier, the aluminum mounts we offer can help you install your LED ribbon lights easily. The mounts are shaped in a way to ensure your strips are fully encased. The mounts themselves are very convenient to install in your space.

aluminum profile for led light strip

We can customize our aluminum mounts so you can install them anywhere and any way you like. Surface mounted, recessed, pendant, corner, round, stair, and flexible versions of the mounts are available. Our aluminum mounts are cut by a CNC machine to ensure there are no rough edges. They are sturdy and waterproof.

Aluminum mounts keep your strips secured. They help dissipate the heat given off by the LEDs properly. Our led aluminum profile is designed to ensure the luminous intensity of the strips isn’t affected. This means your LED lights will perform as promised.

Power Supply

Your customized LED ribbon lights will need a compatible power supply source to run smoothly without interference. It is important to choose a compatible power supply because it affects the way your SMD LED strips will perform, their longevity, and maintenance.

Elstar offers two kinds of power supplies:

Plug-Ins: Our desktop plug-in power supply helps you connect your LED tape lights to power plugs. This is the most convenient way to power your LED lights. Easy to set up, our desktop plug-in connector is compatible with all our LED ribbon lights, even the ones we customize for you.

led light strip controller
led strip connector

Hardwire: If you’re lighting a bigger project, you will need to connect your LED light strips to your power supply directly. Use our caged power supply case connector for hardwiring your LED tapes. Our power supply case is easy to set-up and is compatible with all of our LED light strips.

We can tweak the power supply option you choose to work with your customized LED tape lights. This way you don’t have to worry about power compatibility issues or connectivity. Your SMD LED ribbon lights will be ready to use as soon as they are delivered.

Connectors and Plugs

LED strip connectors help you connect one LED strip to another. There are two ways to connect LED strips to each other:

  • • You can solder them together. This is the process we use to connect your customized LED tapes to each other to get the desired length.
  • • You can use LED clippers to connect two strips together. Your project may require some last minute lighting changes. It is a good idea to have some LED clippers on hand so you don’t have to worry about connecting LED tapes together. Our LED clipper is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

LED plugs help you connect your LED light strips to different power sources. It is a good idea to have compatible LED plugs on hand so your LED tape lights can be used with multiple power sources. Our LED plugs are waterproof and durable. They are also compatible with all our LED ribbon lights.


LED controllers offer you greater control over your customized LED light strips. You can turn your lights on and off from a LED remote controller and change their brightness, temperature, and color. There are many kinds of LED controllers in the market.

led light tape controller

Our LED light strips are compatible with many popular types of LED remote controllers. We also offer RF LED remote controls with our customized LED strips. RF LED controllers are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. They give you control over all basic functionalities of your LED ribbon lights.

Our LED RF controllers come with their own wall mounts. So you can easily store your LED controllers.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Now that you’ve decided the technical specifications of your custom ribbon lights and chosen compatible accessories, it is time to place your order. You can also put in any special requests like making your LED light strips waterproof and dustproof. We’ll send you the details of your custom order. The details will cover all the technical information you asked for, as well as our quoted price for the project.

All you have to do is confirm the order and we’ll take care of the rest.

05 Step 5: Enjoy Lighting Your Project

We’ll start processing your order as soon as you confirm it. We’ll manufacture your custom LED tape lights, pack them and ship them out to you as soon as they are ready. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process so you know exactly when you’re going to get your order.

Our relationship with you won’t end when you receive your custom order. We’ll keep in touch with you to know how your LED tape lights are working out for you. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries or troubleshooting requests.

06. Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for my custom order to be delivered?

Order processing times vary from order to order. Normally our custom orders take anywhere from 7 to 15 days in processing and manufacturing. Once ready, we package your custom LED strips and hand them over to trusted courier services.

The courier services then decide the shipping time and cost depending on your delivery address. We communicate all this information to our clients via email so they know when to expect their order.

2. Can I ask for changes in my order after I’ve placed it?

Unfortunately, you can’t make any changes in order after you’ve confirmed it. We start processing your order as soon as you order to make sure you get your LED strips as soon as possible. That is the reason why we can’t entertain any changes in your order after initial confirmation.

3. Do you ship worldwide? How long does shipping take and what is the shipping cost?

Yes, we can ship your custom LED light strips anywhere in the world. The shipping costs are calculated based on weight or volume. Once packaged, your LED light tapes are handed over to our courier service.

We use a third-party courier service that gives our clients the best possible shipping price. Shipping costs and time are calculated at the time of shipping. It is important to note that customs duties, taxes, and any other related expenses differ from place to place and are the client’s responsibility.

4. Is there a minimum order requirement for customized orders?

Yes. You can place a customized order for at least 500 meters of LED light tapes.

5. What kind of QA testing do you do to ensure the quality of your LED strip lights?

We take the quality of our LED ribbon lights very seriously. That is why we do QA testing at each stage of our LED strip light manufacturing process. Here is a list of tests we put our LED strip through:

  • • LEDs Testing
  • • PCB Solder Paste Thickness Testing
  • • Power-on Testing (after SMT welding)
  • • High & Low-Temperature Testing
  • • Salty Water Testing
  • • Humidity Testing
  • • Tape Stickiness Detection
  • • Aging Test
  • • Integrating Sphere Testing
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