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Custom LED Strip Lights From Elstar

Long Life

Elstar LED strip lights provide an exceptional lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Safe Low Voltage

We help you illuminate your space with the utmost safety 12V / 24V low-voltage.

Wide Beam Angle

A wide beam angle of 120° provides extensive and uniform lighting.

Fully Dimmable

You can achieve the perfect ambiance with our fully dimmable LED strip lights.

High CRI

Our high CRI (80~98Ra) LED strip lights make vibrant and accurate colors for you.

Broad Suitability

Our versatile aluminum profile compatibility ensures you of easy installation.

Diverse Application

Wine cellar, office, hotel, etc. You can use Elstar LED strip lights anywhere.

Unleash Your Imagination With Elstar's All-Inclusive Customization Services

Elstar offers one-stop customization solutions for wholesale LED strip lights, allowing buyers to personalize their orders according to specific requirements: LED chips, cuttable length, dimension, shape, color, color temperature (CCT), brightness, CRI, PCB board, IP rating, input voltage, and outlet & bend types.
LED Chips
At Elstar, you can customize the type and brand of your LED chips. Epistar, Cree, Osram, Samsung and more choices are available.
Cuttable Length
We provide a wide range of cuttable lengths for LED strip lights to ensure a perfect fit for any project.
You can customize the width and thickness of the LED strip lights for seamless integration into different applications.
With Elstar, you can tailor the LED strip lights into various shapes, such as straight, curved, or even unique custom shapes.
To achieve your desired lighting effects and ambiance, a spectrum of colors is available for you to select from.
Color Temperature
You can customize the color temperature (CCT) to create warm, neutral, or cool lighting environments.
You're free to adjust the brightness level from subtle ambient lighting to brilliant accent lighting.
We offer you a wide range of CRI (80-98 Ra) choices to meet specific illumination requirements.
PCB Board
At Elstar, you can customize the logo and circuit of PCB board design to optimize performance and ensure uniqueness.
IP Rating
You can specify the desired IP rating to ensure the LED strip lights' durability, resistance to dust, moisture, and water.
Input Voltage
We can customize input voltage based on your needs. 12 V and 24 V are the most commonly used.
Outlet & Bend Type
You can select the preferred outlet and bend type for easy installation and flexible positioning of the LED strip lights.

Why Choose Elstar As Your Exclusive LED Strip Light Manufacturer?


Say goodbye to minimum order quantity restrictions. Whether you need a small or large quantity, Elstar accommodates your requirements effortlessly.

High-End Customization

Tailor your LED strip lights to your exact preferences. Elstar offers extensive customization options, ensuring your lighting solution aligns perfectly with your project.

14 Years Experience

Trust in our expertise accumulated over 14 years in the industry. Benefit from our proven track record of delivering reliable and top-notch LED strip lights.

Factory-Direct Pricing

Cut out the middleman and enjoy competitive pricing directly from our factory. Experience cost savings without compromising on quality.

24/7 Online Pro Assistance

The higher the IP wet rating, the more waterproof your LED neon lights will be. The highest wet rating is IP68. We can customize this feature based on your needs.

Fast Lead Time (3-5 Days)

Time is crucial. We prioritize efficient production and delivery to meet your deadlines. Choose Elstar for delivery in 3-5 days, 50% quicker than the industry average.

Elstar: Reliable Partner Loved
By 6000+ Customers Worldwide

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From Susan (USA)

” Elstar has been an incredible partner for our lighting projects. Their LED strip lights are top-notch in terms of quality and performance. The brightness and color are accurate, creating a stunning ambiance in our spaces. We appreciate their attention to detail and the customization options they offer. Moreover, their customer service is exceptional, always going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. We trust Elstar for all our lighting needs. And we wish all suppliers were as reliable as Elstar.
Employee experience vector icon. 5 star satisfaction rating vector icon. Rating icon. 5 star work experience symbol

From Alex (Europe)

” Choosing Elstar as our LED strip light supplier has been a game-changer for us. The durability and longevity of their products are unmatched. The LED strips have proven to be incredibly reliable, even in demanding environments. We value the energy efficiency of their lights, which has helped us in reducing our energy costs significantly. The expertise and knowledge of the Elstar team have been invaluable in guiding us to select the perfect lighting solutions. Working with Elstar has instilled in us a deep sense of trust and confidence in their products. “

We Provide You With Double Assurance: Superior Materials & Reliable Warranty

Better Performance With PCB Boards of 2~4 Ounces

At Elstar, we prioritize quality and durability in our LED strip lights. We only use PCB boards of over 2 ounces (usually 2 ~ 4 ounces). These boards offer better heat dissipation performance and more stable current compared to single-sided boards.

Energy-Efficient LED Chips With High Brightness Preferred

We carefully select high-brightness(high power) LED chips for our products. Such LED chips can produce light of 100lm/W, 10 times that of incandescent bulbs.

  • Dimmable – Adjustable Brightness & Color
  • Longer Lifespan – 50,000+ Hours
  • Eco-Friendly – No Hazardous Substances (Mercury, etc)

2~5 Year Warranty and After-Sales Q&A

  • A Comprehensive Warranty of 2 ~ 5 Years Offered
  • Any Question Can Be Replied Within 2 Hours
  • Restocking Services Available

Features & Benefits of SMD 3014 led strip

The Elstar 3014 LED strip comes with various striking features that make buying it worthwhile. Some of its best features include:

High Quality

Our SMD 3014 LED strip has been passed through various quality tests to provide the best product


The 3014 SMD LED strip comes in a compact size that makes it easy to carry anywhere


Our SMD LED 3014 is very strong but easily cuttable for you to create different shapes and designs with

Double Layer

The double layer of pure copper 2oz PCB makes these 3014 SMD LEDs highly durable


This SMD 3140 LED strip has a warranty of 2 to 5 years

Why 3014 led strip

In case you were wondering why you should buy the Elstar SMD 3014 Led strip, then here are some benefits of using it.


The 3014 SMD LEDs give waterproof lighting because of their protective layering. This characteristic is useful if you want to use the lights outside in rain or inside where there is a chance of water leakage. They are best used for highlighting restaurant signs or billboards on the road.

High Density

The SMD 3014 LED lights make a room look luminous and bright. The LEDs are placed close to one another to produce twice the light as any standard tube light or lightbulb. These high-density lights can be used to highlight precise details and architectural carvings of your place.

High Power

LED SMD 3014 strips are used to illuminate both large and small gloomy places. Even with the high power, they are bound to last for a long time without losing their brightness even at the end. They are best for general lighting in long-term use and special lighting in short-term use.


The 3014 SMD light is individually controlled, which means that you can control the color variations and brightness of the LEDs. You can also set different modes using the individual controls of the 3014 LED strip and set the mood according to the occasion.

Applications of 3014 LED strips

The 3014 led lumens manufactured by Elstar are highly versatile and compatible. They are suitable to decorate large and small areas of restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, etc.

Make your room look cozy and interesting with the LED 3014 lumen and enjoy your precious moments with your significant other.
The SMD 3014 lumens can be used in home theatres to give the TV unit a nice effect.
Highlight certain architectural details of your house using the LED 3014 lumen.
Light up your vehicles and make them stand out with our high power LED chip 3014.

Why Wholesale 3014 LED strip light In Bulk From Elstar

Elstar offers the best quality products which are reasonable enough to buy them but here are a few more reasons why our 3014 LED chip is the best choice for you.

Certified strip quality

Elstar products go through several quality tests at every step of the process to ensure top-quality and certified products in the market with high efficiency. Elstar LED lights won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

Full strip options

You can select the 3014 SMD LED strip and can get it customized. You don’t even have to make any changes, just order a customized strip.

Competitive price

Our LED lights are available at a reasonable cost which is why they have gained popularity. Order your LED strip with a customized quote by filling up this form.

No minimum MOQ

Don’t worry about the minimum order quantity because there isn’t any. You can order as many or as few as you like. Why buy more when you don’t need it!

Your Professional 5050 RGBW LED Strip Supplier

Elstar is proud of manufacturing the best quality and versatile products. The LED 3014 SMD is no exception either, with its high power and high-density luminosity. They come in different colors of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and, Warm White that can be changed and managed using the individual controls of the strip.

Let Elstar make the experience of using LED strips your best without any complaints. We promise to lighten and brighten your space on every occasion with our SMD 3014 LED strip. Order your customized LED strip now and get the lights of your dreams.

LED Strip Light of Elstar Quality

We offer a wide variety of LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting. Using the pre-coated 3M tape or the compatible aluminum profile, the lights can be easily mounted to any corner.

  • High Quality LEDs

    Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.

  • Aluminum Backboard

    The backboard of 2~4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

  • Easily Cuttable

    Using cutting tools to separate the strip light into any desired length.

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