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Product Features & Benefits of COB Strip Lights

With the approach of COB LED strip lights, huge lumens can be delivered using a single source of the COB chip. Have a look at the striking features and benefits of using a COB LED stripe.

Double Layer

The COB LED strips are made up of copper 2oz PCB that makes them durable

High Brightness

It offers high levels of brightness

Low Light Decay

The COB strip light does not decay very much at the end of its life

Easy Installation

It can be bent freely and installed easily the way you like

Uniform Illumination

The LED COB strip give uniform light from all the LEDs

Color Efficiency

The color efficiency of our COB LED strips is high

Why Our COB Led Strip

Elstar produces the most durable and versatile products. Here are a few advantages of using our COB LED strip.


COB LED strip lights have found their way into a wide range of applications. They offer a smooth output from the beginning to the end without compromising on performance.


Our COB LED is available in 12V and 24V. If you are using a 32 feet LED strip, it is best to get the 12V COB LED strip. On the other hand, if you are getting an LED strip of a higher length, then choose the 24V COB LED.


The COB strip of Elstar comes in three colors of Natural White, Warm White, and, Cool White which give out a bright light with efficiency.


The LED strip COB gives out a brighter light than the standard LED lights at lower power consumption. The high-density of our lights produces twice as much light as any standard light.


Our strip LED COB offers a 90 Color Rendering Index which means that you can expect the best performance from the level of lighting of this strip.


You can order a waterproof or non-waterproof COB LED stripe, whichever you need. If you want to use the flexible COB LED outdoors, then it is better to get waterproof lights.

Applications of COB LED strips

The COB flexible LED strip that we manufacture is highly versatile and can be used in various different industries.

The COB LED white light strip can be used in places with valuables with motion sensors to identify theft.
A COB high power LED stripe is used in wall lamps because of its waterproof feature so that if the water leaks from the wall, your lights won’t get affected.
You can use the COB light strip in lamp posts or wall lamps to illuminate your path.

Why Wholesale COB Led Strip In Bulk From Elstar

Elstar’s products go through various quality tests to offer high-end products to its users.
Here are a few reasons why you should get the COB LED lights.

Certified strip quality

We provide high-quality products that have been tested at every step of its making to ensure the best quality products. Elstar is proud to produce highly efficient LED strips at a low cost.

Full strip options

You can choose the strip of your choice and get it customized to your requirements. You just have to mention your desired dimensions on our site and you will get it at your doorstep.

Competitive price

Our LED lights are highly affordable even if you don’t buy them in bulk which makes our products popular in the market. However, it is preferable to buy them in bulk for special discounts.

No minimum MOQ

There is no minimum order quantity that needs to be placed. You can buy as many or as few LED lights as you like, without any worry.

Bulk cob led strip wholesale

Elstar strives to deliver high-quality products and our COB LED strips are no exception either. They provide the brightest light because of their high density. You do not have to worry about electrical safety with our COB LED lights because our double protective layering is completely safe to use even around pets and children.


Brighten up your space with our flexible COB LED strips. We can also help you customize your orders and make your lighting dream project come true. You can get a quote of your choice as well to put up in your room.

LED Strip Light of Elstar Quality

We offer a wide variety of LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting. Using the pre-coated 3M tape or the compatible aluminum profile, the lights can be easily mounted to any corner.

  • High Quality LEDs

    Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.

  • Aluminum Backboard

    The backboard of 2~4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

  • Easily Cuttable

    Using cutting tools to separate the strip light into any desired length.

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