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Features & Benefits of the Addressable LED strip

An Elstar programming RGB LED strip enables you to create beautiful lighting effects because of its exceptional
features and benefits. Some of its best features include:

Individual Controls

Allows every LED to display different colors at the same time


The pixel stripe is fully dimmable

Dynamic Lighting

The IC LED strip can form dynamic lighting effects like a rainbow, meteor, etc.


The RGB LED pixel lights can be customized to give an independent color effect to every segment

Strip Kits

The Digitale LED stripes can create LED strip kits


Elstar gives a warranty of 2 years for programmable LED light strips

Why Individually Addressable LED Strips

Elstar produces highly versatile products like Digitale LED strips that offer various benefits. Look at the
advantages of using an
addressable white LED strip.


The Elstar pixel tape lights are covered with protective layering that makes them waterproof. This feature is useful to hang the lights in areas that are prone to water leakage or exposed water. They are best for outdoor use as they can withstand rain water as well.

High Density

The RGB pixel strips are highly bright because the LEDs are placed very close to one another producing high-density light. You can use them in places that highlight high-precision work. Since they produce twice as much light as any other standard lights, you can use them to illuminate even the gloomiest corners.

High Power

The RGB LED pixel tape provides a high level of light and is extremely durable. It is increasingly used for lighting applications to provide high levels of lighting output. Even with the high power, they can last for long periods of time without getting dim at the end.


Addressable LED strips can be individually controlled to display different brightness and colors on every LED of the strip. You can even set it in different modes as per the setting of the room. You can turn up the light for task lighting or dim the lights for a romantic evening.

Applications of Pixel LED Strip

Addressable LED strips can be controlled to create multiple effects with the colors. Our Elstar pixel RGB LED flexible strip is highly versatile and can create beautiful lighting effects in your house, restaurant, club, etc.

Enjoy the true gaming experience by lighting up your gaming room with our RGB LED strip addressable pixel lights.
Get Elstar’s intelligent RGB LED strip and create a colorful night lamp. You can use it in a restaurant, an office, and a house as well.
Make the outdoors look colorful with our digital addressable RGB LED flexible strip to enjoy a quiet pleasant evening with your friends and family.

Why Wholesale Addressable LED Strip In Bulk From Elstar

Elstar is proud of offering the highest quality products. If you were wondering about why to buy our RGB pixel tape in bulk,
then here are a few reasons why.

Certified strip quality

Elstar’s pixel strips are high in quality that has been checked at every step of production to ensure top-quality. This ensures high efficiency with regard to every aspect of lighting.

Full strip options

You can select your strip, your way. Get a full-sized LED strip and cut it according to your wish. Browse the fully customizable strip options from Elstar here.

Competitive price

Our LED lights are available at a wholesale price that is affordable, making us one of the leading wholesale sellers of LED strips. Bulk orders are available at an even more reasonable rate.

No minimum MOQ

Elstar does not have a minimum order quantity that needs to be placed, so you can order as many or as few LED strips as you wish.

Wholesale high-quality intelligent RGB LED strip in bulk

Elstar manufactures only the best product with the best quality checks at every stage of the production process. Our products last much longer, are not heavy on the pocket, are versatile, and produce the best light while they last. Working with Elstar manufacturers helps you to set up your dream project according to your wish easily.


Our quality and dedication to our customers set us apart from our other competitors and we strive to keep up with the best performance possible. We value customer satisfaction, so with Elstar, you can make your dream lighting projects come true, without any hassles.

LED Strip Light of Elstar Quality

We offer a wide variety of LED strip lights to present a thinner, more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting. Using the pre-coated 3M tape or the compatible aluminum profile, the lights can be easily mounted to any corner.

  • High Quality LEDs

    Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.

  • Aluminum Backboard

    The backboard of 2~4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

  • Easily Cuttable

    Using cutting tools to separate the strip light into any desired length.

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