Wholesale LED Light Strip Connector in Bulk

We offer a wide range of LED strip light connectors to suit different colors, lengths, and installations. The Elstar team is always available to guide you throughout your purchase and help you get the right connectors for your project including:

Why Order LED Strip Connectors From Elstar?


Our LED strip light connectors are made of high-quality IP-grade plastic, copper, and Nylon 66. They can withstand long-term use without breakage or becoming faulty.

Suitable For Multiple LED Strip Lights

The designs of our connectors are versatile and can accommodate different models of LED strip lights. They can easily be repurposed whenever it is necessary.


Our connectors are safe and keep your lights working in optimal capacity. The compact design allows you to install your lights any way you like.

Quick Connection Access

With Elstar connectors, there are no complex installation processes. They are a plug and play solution that you can set up by yourself with instructions.

Powerful and Varied Voltage Options

Elstar LED strip light connectors are designed to provide consistent power without any dipping points. We also offer different voltage options for various power requirements.

Choose Your LED Strip Light Connector From Elstar

The Right LED Strip Connector Type

The right choice of LED strip connector is determined by the type of installation you would like to have. At Elstar we anticipate such needs and offer connector solutions for each of them. Our LED strip light connector types include:

  • 3-Pin
  • 4-Pin
  • Notch-on cap designs
  • Mounting clips

The Right Output Connection Type

An output connector is used to join LED strip lights to the power supply. It has to be compatible with the connector of the source of power you are using. There are different types of output connectors such as:

  • Female DC plugs
  • Waterproof DC plugs
  • Waterproof RGB LED strip connectors

Right Strip Width

The width of the connector you choose has to be large enough to accommodate the strip lights. The wrong width could result in electrical faults due to poor connection. We offer quality connectors with widths of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

Your LED Lights Parts Supplier

When you choose Elstar as your LED light part supplier, you are assured of reliable lighting accessories. We will help you choose the right connectors and deliver them within a short turnaround time even for bulk orders. Alongside our friendly prices, we also have a low MOQ to allow accessibility.

What is an LED Strip Connector?

An LED strip connector is, in essence, an electrical bridging device. It enables you to:

  • Makes connections around corners
  • Create a gap between lights
  • Join 2 or more light strips for elongation
  • Connect LED strip lights to a power source

How to Connect Multiple LED Strip Lights

Clipping Method

Using a Hippo Buckle LED strip lights connector:

  • Take the ends of the strip lights you want to join
  • Insert one end each on the two sides of the connector
  • Adjust the buckle into place to secure the connection

For corner connections and extensions:

  • Place the Solder-free wire connector between the LED strip lights
  • Insert the end of each strip light to the clips of the connector
  • Close the clip firmly

To connect parallel LED strip lights or single-color and RGB LED lights:

  • Connect each strip into the clips of a solder-free LED strip connector
  • Secure the clip in place

Connect To Light

The LED strip connectors are used to connect strip to wire or strip to strip. The LED strip lights can be connected to any length by the connectors. Your LED Strip lighting project is made much easier and more efficient.

  • Super Easy Installation

    Insert the strip or wire into the connector then lock the connector. A few simple steps are enough to light.

  • Shape and Style Maker

    Using connectors, you can control the lengths and shapes of your strip lights to fulfill different lighting tasks.

  • Simple Design

    The connectors are made white, black or transparent without affecting aesthetics of the strip lights.

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