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Waterproof individual addressable RGB LED Tape Lamp

What is An Addressable LED Strip and How To Control Them

To begin with, if you’re seeking the “best” LED strip, I’m afraid I can’t provide a single answer. The true answer is that there are several […]
Cutting lED strip lights

Can you Cut LED Strip Lights and How To Connect: A Guide

Unless you’re lighting a very tiny project, you’ll almost certainly need to cut and connect LED light strips. This is one of the most significant advantages […]
Under cabinet LED strip lighting

4 Best LED Strip Lights Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of the kitchen. It not only helps you see what you’re chopping up or stirring in the pot, […]
5050 M LED strip

LED 5050 vs 2835: Which is Better & Brighter

LED light strips are by far the easiest and effective method to illuminate your house, workplace, factory, and other structures. They are small in size, flexible […]
Professional photography light box at home

LED Strip Lights for The light box: DIY Steps

Have you ever wondered how those wonderful product images you see in catalogs or online retailers are created? A light box is typically used by professional […]
color changing programmable led strip lights

How To Program LED Light Strips for Your Project

Today, we’ll look at the applications of LED strip lighting, which is a terrific, basic component that can bring a lot of aesthetic impact to any […]
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