433MHz RF Wireless Touch LED RGB Controller - Elstar

Key Features

Wireless RF Remote Control: DC12V -24V, MAx. 6 amps per channel at 12V to 24V DC for 12V&24V rgb led light strip.

RF Led Dimmer: The touch panel ring is used for easy color changing

RF Controller: Radio frequency remote control works through walls with range of about 100 feet

RGB Remote Dimmer: Low heat, convenient connection and ease of use.

Memory Function: Previous setting will be resumed when power on again, save your time.

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Working Frequency 433MHz
Working Temperature -20 to 55 degrees
Input Voltage DC12V-DC24V
Output Channel 3CH
Output Current <6A/CH
Output Power 12V<216W, 24V<432W
Static Power <1W
Connection Mode Common anode
Control Distance <30m

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