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According to the Mordor Market Report, the LED lighting market promises a positive growth trend for the next few years. While it’s easier for everyone to just buy their led lights at the corner shop, it might not be the same for led lighting retailers.

Issues like product quality, shipping costs, exporting and importing costs and others make it hard to locate a reliable LED light manufacturer.

If you are facing the same challenges, then you’re in the right place! In this blog, you will get a comprehensive list of the best LED manufacturers so that LED importers and retailers can find reputable manufacturers of different types of LED lighting products.

Let’s get started with our LED manufacturers list!

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LED Strip/Tape Light Manufacturers

#1 Wide Loyal

Wide Loyal logo

Wide Loyal’s products are environmentally-friendly, lighter, and smaller. With their own LED factory, they carefully choose chips in the production of LED bulbs and LED strip products. This is coupled with thorough testing at every stage of their production process.

Moreover, they use carpets that are anti-static in their assembly line while maintaining tight temperature and humidity controls in their department. This allows Wide Loyal to control their production costs so that they can offer affordable products to their customers.

Wide Loyal is a member of AQSIQ and their LED rope lights have been recognized by international laboratories like KEMA and UL. They also have offices in London, Mexico City, Orlando, and Vancouver. Choose Wide Loyal to enjoy the advantages of energy-saving LEDs.

As a professional LED strip light supplier, Elstar manufactures premium quality products along with customizable lighting solutions for project contractors, wholesalers, and brand owners. They manufacture LED tape lights in various colors and sizes such as 5050 led strip, 2835 led strip, 3528, rgb led strips, fullfill industrial, residential, and commercial use. 

This LED company’s wide selection of LED tape lights are manufactured in their own factory so they have control over functionality and quality aspects. Their expert engineers can give you full support in designing PCBs to create LED strips with the right brightness, shape, color, and size for your project. You can also buy customized LED tape controllers and power supply through Elstar.

Choose Elstar’s high-quality LED strip and LED rope lights for a long-lasting lighting design.

#3 Hanron Lighting

Hanron Lighting logo

Hanron has been focusing solely on the manufacture of high quality LED strips from its establishment. They sell their products to more than 500 customers in over 50 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East, and Australia.

This LED light company also offers 200+ LED tape light varieties and has OEM and ODM capabilities with the lowest cost in the industry of LED strips. Hanron’s LED lighting products are used mainly in homes, hotels, shopping malls, for catering, and other projects like backlighting, light boxes, groove, and signage, and other decorative illumination.

Lastly, their LED tape lights have also been approved by Flextronics which is among the world’s top enterprises.

Led Panel Light Manufacturers

#1 Ericson

Ericson logo

Aside from being an LED panel supplier, Ericson is also a manufacturer of hazardous location and temporary jobsite lights along with custom portable power distribution products. The company has been engineering and manufacturing the safest products in their field for more than 100 years. Thus, Ericson’s products are ensured to have superior quality and durability.

Ericson serves various markets in the military, construction, government, petrochemical, power generation, aerospace, and shipbuilding fields using their products which are 100% made in the USA. The company prides itself on providing their OEM customers, industrial end users, and distribution partners worldwide with industrial-grade products for protecting workforces from worksite hazards while increasing productivity.

As an all-in-one manufacturer of various products, Ericson always exceeds the expectations of their customers from the consultation process to manufacturing. No one does it better than Ericson when it comes to providing engineered solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.


Jamsem logo

JAMSEM is among the first LED panel light manufacturers in China. This panel light company has focused on the development of premium quality cleanroom panel lighting in their own region. It has built a good business reputation which helped the company gain 63% of the market share in cleanroom lighting in China.

As a LED backlight panel supplier, JAMSEM has manufactured the new generation thinnest LED panel in 2019 measuring 18mm which has its own invention patent. The company’s products are fit for use in various industries such as in the pharmaceutical and food factories, schools, hospitals, laboratories, and precision instruments.

Lastly, JAMSEM has begun to offer LED panel light wholesale and commercial panel lamps overseas.

#3 KEOU LED Lighting

KEOU logo

KEOU is an LED lighting company with more than 16 years of production experience in their field. COMI is among this led panel factory’s brands. They are composed of over 200 staff and 30 salesmen and support ODM and OEM service.

The company’s graphic designers with 5 years of experience have provided around 865 customers with OEM brand designs. Meanwhile, KEOU’s structural engineers were able to develop 265 ODM R&D products. KEOU’s experienced staff have helped them build a reliable reputation as a supplier of LED panel in China.

All of KEOU’s LED products are tested for thermal shock with test time reaching 2,160 hours. The company’s main market is the European, South Asia, Mid East, and South American market and are continuing to develop more worldwide in the future.

Led Tube Light Manufacturers

#1 Raise Energy Solutions

Raise Energy Solutions logo

Raise Energy Solutions (RAISE) is a subsidiary owned by RAISE Global Services. Aside from being an LED tube light manufacturer, RAISE is also an incubator and integrator of modern LED lighting, energy efficient products, energy storage, and renewable power generation technologies. They manufacture lighting products suited for government, warehousing, office building, parking, and manufacturing applications.

RAISE also offers the only LED plug lamps and tubes designed as replacements with full compatibility with most existing fixtures. This LED tube light supplier is an OEM that offers Factory Direct Pricing to provide its customers affordable led tube light wholesale prices.

As a LED tube light company, RAISE focuses on energy solutions ideal for communities and countries; thus, serving the global market. They provide measurable goals for Carbon Dioxide reduction supported by certified carbon credits.

#2 HyLite LED Lighting

Hylite LED Lighting logo

Not only is HyLite an LED tube supplier but it is also an LED Track Lighting Manufacturer. It is a division of ARVA which is a family-owned company having an MBE/DBE certification.

HyLite’s specialty is designing and manufacturing innovative and energy-efficient LED retrofit kits, fixtures, and lamps for municipal, industrial, institutional, and commercial applications. Their LED tube factory is able to produce lighting with pure white lights in crafted retrofits and luminaries.

HyLite is devoted to becoming a green LED manufacturing company that reduces harsh environmental impacts. They started this move by incorporating recycled materials into their products aside from the production of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

HyLite’s lighting products are designed to have the highest efficacies available in today’s market. This LED tube light fixture manufacturer is also a member of the following associations:

#3 Lianzhen Optoelectronics Technology

Lianzhen Optoelectronics Technology is an LED tube manufacturer, among other LED products, with a QMS authorized by ISO 9001. The company owns an experienced R&D team who manufactures and control the quality of the solid-state LED lighting products they produce. They also specialize in industrial and commercial lighting solutions.

Aside from the typical benefits of LED lighting products, this LED tube lamp manufacturer also produces anti-UV, high-luminance, and low luminance products. The majority of Lianzhen’s products, electronic components, and raw materials have been approved by many certification agencies. These guarantee that their products are working safely and are environment-friendly.

Lastly, Lianzhen has also attended various exhibition companies in their region and abroad such as the following:
• Lux Live London, Los Angeles Show USA, San Diego Show USA, HK Lighting Show

Led Flood Light Manufacturers



North American Sales Group (NASG LED) is a light manufacturing company specializing in the design, marketing, and sales of various LED lighting solutions focused on the residential, retail, commercial, and industrial markets in the US.

This LED flood light manufacturer is devoted to bringing lighting technologies that are efficient to homes and businesses that are searching for a way to improve their lighting quality and reduce their energy usage.

Aside from being a LED floodlight supplier, NASG LED is also a LED high bay light manufacturer. The company offers a complete range of LED products and:

• A comprehensive savings and ROI analysis
• Utility rebates
• Studies of photometric light levels
• Cash flow positive financing
• Installation team nationwide for ensuring a quality installation

Lastly, like other LED flood light fixture manufacturers, NASG is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Lighting Design Lab, and LED Lighting Facts.

#2 Anern

Anern logo

Anern is a professional manufacturer of LED floodlights made in China with more than 10 years of experience in providing solutions for solar and custom outdoor lighting. Aside from their China floodlights, this company is also among the top high bay lighting manufacturers out there. With Anern’s wholesale LED floodlights, the company has risen to the top in the led floodlight manufacturers market in China.

Anern is also a pioneer of solar energy and has exported its products to more than 200 countries. They offer OEM services based on customer requirements and custom solutions tailored to each buyer’s needs. Lastly, Anern has participated in various important government projects worldwide.



Luxsun is a Shenzhen LED lighting manufacturer and one of the best LED flood light suppliers in China. This company specializes in the R&D and production of industrial and outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Within only 6 years, Luxsun has garnered many achievements such as being awarded with over 10 patents and various product certifications. Their products are TM-21, LM79, IK10, IP65, IP67, and salt spray test certified.

Apart from being among the top LED flood light manufacturers in China, Luxsun also offers LED flood lights in wholesale. They export products to more than 12 countries including Australia, South America, North America, and Europe. Thanks to the company’s advanced environmental variable detecting and testing instruments, the company was able to gain the trust of their customers.

Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

#1 LEDtronics

LEDtronics logo

LEDtronics has grown into one of the world’s leading outdoor LED lighting manufacturers. The company offers wholesale outdoor lighting, wholesale landscape lighting, and indoor and industrial OEM lights. They have more than 12,000 part numbers making LEDtronics a one-stop shop for every customer’s lighting needs.

As one of the best outdoor lighting manufactures and LED landscape lighting manufacturers out there, LEDtronics is also America’s Premium Brand LED Company with the Made in USA mark on most of their products. The company is a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and packaging of LED lighting products for thousands of customers. Their clients include 80% of the Fortune 500 companies and all major regional and national US distributors.

#2 CST Lighting

CST Lighting logo

CST is one of the best commercial outdoor lighting manufacturers and LED outdoor lighting suppliers in China. The company has a green energy factory and manufactures, markets, and installs high-performance LED indoor lights for home and industrial projects. They work with housebuilders, and industrial and government contractors to produce high-end and recyclable LED solutions.

The outdoor lighting company’s top priorities include helping their clients acquire the best LED lighting products by making comprehensive evaluations regarding the product prices against the maintenance and replacement costs. This value-added service helps CST reduce their customers’ electric, operating, and maintenance expenses while offering high-quality lights for their specific applications. Lastly, CST also offers free 3D simulations and logo printing.

#3 Sanli LED Lighting

Sanli LED Lighting logo

SANLI LED Lighting a reliable LED lighting manufacturer and exporter that deals in the design, manufacture, and supply of professional lighting such as LED indoor and outdoor lights. It’s also one of the leading LED garden light suppliers because of its wide variety of LED products. The company provides lighting solutions to various countries and regions worldwide.

As a garden light manufacturer, SANLI LED Lighting is a trusted and renowned company in the lighting industry because they concentrate on providing quality and on-time delivery of their products and services. The company has a professional staff in its Sales Department that works hard to make the company’s premium and energy-saving lighting solutions reach the global market.

SANLI LED Lighting’s cooperative partners include Tridonic, Meanwell, Philips, Bridge Lux, and Samsung.

LED Stage Light Manufacturers

#1 Zylight

Zylight logo

Zylight, an entertainment lighting company, is a brand of Ushio America and is a leading stage lighting equipment supplier and manufacturer.  The company provides solutions for stage lighting, still photography, video production, and professional film industries. All Zylight products are designed to have fully calibrated while lights which have won various Awards since 2003.

Their brands include Necsel Lasers, PD-LD Active Fiber Optic, Ushio Lighting Solutions, and Zylight LED Fixtures. Zylight’s numerous international and domestic industry recognition and awards have kept them at the forefront when it comes to LED innovation,unique wireless integration, and patented technologies.

The company has more than 100 distributors and dealers worldwide which makes Zylight one of the most sought after stage equipment suppliers in the world. Zylight’s customers include Fox, Philips, Apple, FDA, DirecTV, CBS NEWS, National Geographic, and others.

#2 Guangzhou BaoLun Electronics

Guangzhou BaoLun Electronics logo

ITC Audiovisual is a prominent stage lighting manufacturer in the world. The company is a pioneer of the audiovisual industry in China and has been recognized as China’s leading manufacturer of conference systems. Since 2008, ITC Audiovisual has become the most preferred supplier of China stage lighting and chosen by many exhibition and media holders.

ITC is also the only manufacturer and supplier of wholesale stage lighting in China that can provide turnkey solutions for big conference halls and other large and small spaces. The company’s trademark has been registered in over 20 countries worldwide and they have more than 30,000  global partners with 900,000+ successful cases.

Lastly, ITC was an official supplier in various famous events including:

  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  • 2010 Shanghai World Expo
  • 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

#3 Color Imagination

Color Imagination logo

Color Imagination focuses on the design and manufacture of energy-saving stage light fixtures. The company has been researching and manufacturing professional lighting fixtures from ODM, OEM, to branding companies. Though it is still very young, this stage lighting company has gained a lot of traction among domestic and international customers because of their superior energy-saving LED technologies.

Though Color Imagination has already established its reputation worldwide, they still continue to seek better ways to create the latest lighting products. The company’s main market includes:

  • North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, etc.

Led Bulb / Bed Lamp Manufacturers

#1 Satco Products

Satco Products logo

Satco is among the  world’s top LED bulb manufacturers and LED light bulb suppliers. It is a well-known LED bulb company with over 8,000 electrical distributors and retail lighting showrooms. The company is privately operated and has its own LED bulb factory with sales locations and warehouse distribution centers in various areas. Satco is famous for having superior distribution network and inventories.

As the best LED bulb company and best LED bulb manufacturer in our list, Satco has also acquired Hygrade which boasts a wide collection of high-demand lighting solutions for commercial industries. Hygrade’s lamps are made with low mercury levels and have passed the Federal Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP).

Lastly, Satco has also received the following awards:

  • The Best of the Test” by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute in 2008
  • Energy Partner of the Year” in the lighting manufacturing category in 2009


AIS LED logo

Not only is AIS LED an LED bulb light manufacturer with its own light bulb factory, but it is also among the best LED light bulbs wholesale distributors in China. With the company’s innovative green technology, they are focused on manufacturing innovative and next-generation solutions for LED lighting to:

  • Improve the quality of lighting
  • Protect the environment
  • Improve efficiency by reducing energy usage

AIS LED also offers LED bulb wholesale options for their waterproof, dimmable, and non-dimmable products. They provide solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial light applications. AIS LED is devoted to supplying cutting-edge LED lighting technologies through their innovatively designed and robustly tested products.

Lastly, AIS LED is the preferred supplier of bulk LED bulbs by famous companies such as Samsung, Nichia, Rubycon, OSRAM, Philips, Epistar, Cree, LG Innotek, and Mean Well.

#3 Bymea

Bymea logo

Bymea is another one of the top LED bulb suppliers out there. They offer dimmable, energy-saving, and green lighting solutions for vehicle lighting and indoor lighting. The company also provides wholesale LED light bulbs and OEM and ODM services for their international customers. With their innovative team in their R&D Department, Bymea was able to provide innovative products and technology solutions.

This company is a public company with more than 500 employees and an anti-static and dust-free workshop. Their R&D team has over 10 years of experience in the structure designing, light source selection, and electrical design of various LED products. Their customers include world-famous brands such as Navigator, Ikea, Samsung, NEC, OSRAM, and Philips.

Commercial Lighting Company

#1 MyLEDLightingGuide

MyLEDLightingGuide logo

My LED Lighting Guide is a commercial lighting company that is also among the best industrial lighting suppliers. Their products include LED retrofit solutions and LED factory lights. Aside from commercial and industrial applications, the company also offers lighting products suited for education, government, nonprofit, and sports applications.

This company can solve challenging problems whether their customers need High Power, High Temperature, or High Voltage solutions.. They also offer free lighting layouts design services and photometric studies, ROI and rebate analysis, and rebate management.

Top companies in the USA choose My LED Lighting Guide because of their responsive support and DLC-qualified products for rebate purposes. The company has the ability to retrofit or replace their customers’ existing fixtures. They believe that they have the most excellent retrofit products among the other industrial lighting manufacturers in today’s market.



RICOMAN is one of the best commercial lighting manufacturers in the UK with a wide range of certified products.. They utilize premium class components from Mean Well, Tridonic, CREE, and Samsung. 

Among this company’s competitive advantages is its fast delivery network in every region in the UK, free lighting consultation, and large stockholdings. As one of the top commercial outdoor lighting manufacturers, RICOMAN’s experienced designers provide lighting solutions for offices, retail stores, schools, warehouses, care homes, and others.

Moreover, RICOMAN is one of the running companies for ‘Best Lighting Product’ for the Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2019 with Estrella and has been shortlisted for ‘Best Lighting Product’ for this year’s Electrical Wholesaler Awards. The company is also a member of LIA an SLL.

#3 Conssin Lighting

Conssin Lighting logo

Conssin Lighting is a supplier and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. It specializes in custom lighting projects for commercial and industrial clients.

Since the company’s establishment, it has built a good reputation as a professional manufacturer of LED lights for international and domestic clients. The company is devoted to delivering the most innovative lighting technologies with premium quality light while exceeding standards for energy efficiency.

Conssin’s commercial LED lighting solutions are designed to suit all kinds of businesses like government facilities, sports arenas, factories, and warehouses. Conssin’s range of commercial LED lights are designed and manufactured with full compatibility with their end users’ changing requirements and specific needs.

LED Street Light Manufacturers

#1 Dialight

Dialight logo

Dialight is the best led street light manufacturer in our top led street light manufacturers list. The company is among the world’s leaders in industrial LED lighting technology having more than a million LED fixtures installed in the whole world.

This LED street light company initially produced aircraft instrument panel lights before starting to manufacture LED products. Since then, Dialight has revolutionized LED use and only LED lighting solutions. This allows them to provide premium quality lighting for industrial work sites, structural towers, indicators, and traffic control worldwide.

Among other LED street light suppliers, Dialight has the largest number of installed industrial LED lighting fixtures in the most demanding environments around the world. Dialight has also garnered the following awards:

  • ICSA awards 2017 winner
  • IDW-Compliant Manufacturer
  • Emmanuel Cancer Foundation 2017 Business of the Year
  • Supply Force 2016 Manufacturer Partner of the Year
  • 2016 NADCA Die Casting Competition Award (Aluminum over 10 pounds category)

Lastly, the company is a member of the EFC, NAED, NEMRA, AWEA, NEMA, NSC, and ECIA.

#2 Touch-Plate Lighting Controls

Touch-Plate Lighting Controls logo

Touch-Plate Lighting Controls is the next best lighting company among the various LED street lamp manufacturers out there.

The company has been producing lighting solutions for more than 70 years. They also pioneer in the development, manufacture, and marketing of low voltage systems for lighting control designed for residential applications. They have also succeeded in expanding into the commercial market to promote energy savings and efficiency.

Touch-Plate still continues to manufacture new products using current technologies to keep up with the modern lighting challenges. The company has made a big impact on the world of BACnet because Touch-Plate was the first to provide native BACnet sensors and control systems.

Aside from control systems, this company is also a leading supplier of premium-quality LED fixtures and bulbs. They provide lighting solutions both for new construction and retrofits. Lastly, Touch-Plate also assists its customers in the application of lighting rebates.

#3 Bluesmart

Bluesmart logo

Bluesmart is an all-in-one manufacturer of solar street lights and is a pioneer in the industry of solar-powered street lights. They manufacture lighting solutions along with remote management systems for commercial use. The company has 8 years of experience in the research and development of intelligent monitoring and control systems for solar street lights using their own factory.

They have designed their own patent bat-wing lens for solar street lights to produce a wider lighting area and more uniform illumination. You can even adjust the angle of their solar street lights’ panels vertically or horizontally for easier installation in different road types. 

Lastly, Bluesmart’s wireless solar street lighting remote management system used 4G ZigBee Full network connection. This allows users to access all of their solar street lights in real-time using a PC. Whether you have a 2000-set or 20,000-set solar street lamp, Bluesmart can help you manage them at the same time.



SRESKY is our first top wholesale LED street lights supplier among all solar LED street light manufacturers. The company has been a prominent high-tech and state-level enterprise for many years. As a reputable solar street light company, SRESKY has 59 patents including utility models and design.

This solar street light manufacturer has more than 800 certifications and their production department focuses on their products’ quality by enforcing strict control from raw materials selection to inspection of final goods before shipment.

In 2017, SRESKY’s intelligent China street lights have solved the bottleneck in the short service time of solar street lights on rainy and cloudy days for the first time. This solar street light pole manufacturer’s products were able to realize a hundred percent lighting throughout the whole year. So if you are looking for a Solar LED Street light in China, SRESKY might be your best option.

LED Landscape Lighting Manufacturers

#1 FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire logo

Aside from being the best outdoor lighting manufacturers in the market for 30 years, FX Luminaire is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of landscape and architectural lighting solutions. The company focuses on the improvement of LED lighting technology for landscape applications and digital lighting control with color adjustment, zoning, and dimming capabilities.

Hunter Industries acquired FX Luminaire in 2009 which gave it access to the global market through a solid corporate infrastructure. FX Luminaire is also the first one to produce a controller able to dim and zone fixtures through the installation of a standard two-wire path. Also, the company is the first one to develop a smartphone application for controlling outdoor lighting systems.

Furthermore, FX Luminaire’s controller won the Best New Product and People’s Choice Awards at the 2015 Irrigation Association Show. Meanwhile, their LP underwater fixture won the Best New Product under the category of landscape lighting at the Irrigation Association Show in 2017.

#2 Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED logo

Garden Light LED is one of the world’s leading low voltage landscape lighting manufacturers of outdoor LED lighting solutions and is home to the industry’s finest architectural outdoor lighting products. The company’s electrical and mechanical engineers are all award-winning and it has over 40 years of experience in LED lighting innovation.

As one of the best ones in our landscape lighting manufacturers list, this company has been designing cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for outdoor applications all made in the USA.

Choose Garden Light LED’s lighting solutions to further the branding goals of your company and turn your lighting projects into timeless beauties that belong. The company takes pride in color-output, efficiency, and performance as well as how these can help every one of their consumers.

#3 Rise Optoelectronics

Rise Optoelectronics logo

Rise Optoelectronics is a lighting company specializing in the manufacture of various LED lighting solutions for landscape, commercial, and residential applications. The company’s business model and concept are “Quality first, service foremost”. They combine contemporary designs with affordable lighting solutions for every application.

Rise Optoelectronics both have low voltage and high voltage lighting solutions for landscape use and offer a wide variety of customizable lighting units. They also give OEM and ODM services for domestic and international customers. They have been continuously providing their customers with safe, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting solutions using their own brand – RS Lighting.

Moreover, the company aims to become a well-respected brand in the lighting industry worldwide. This is by using their own factory to develop innovative products and incorporating advanced techniques.

LED Neon Light Manufacturers

#1 LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex logo

LED Neon Flex is a neon light supplier owned by Green LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) which is a professional engineering company that invested heavily on signage applications and space lighting based on LED. GLLS offers innovative LED lighting solutions for commercial signs and lighting required by engineering, design, and architectural firms. This includes brand marketers and retailers.

Their products are trusted by many famous international brands such as Universal Orlando, Philips, N. Glantz & Son, NBC Universal, Microsoft, Disney, Sephora, and Oscars. Lastly, LED Neon Flex’s Vivid Pixel won the 2017 Lighting Design Awards.

#2 Californeon

Californeon logo

Californeon Lighting is among the best LED neon flex suppliers in our list with products privately labeled for companies in various industries worldwide. The company’s products are also available in major retailers like Kragen Automotive, Pepboys, Western Auto, and K-Mart.

Imagine a flexible and durable strip of light that can be cut into any length but will still emit light with the same vibrancy and clarity of neon. The only difference is this strip of light does not break. With Californeon, this imagination is turned into reality.

Many revolutionary products have been developed from billions of budget allocated on the NASA space program. Californeon’s lighting solutions are among those products which the company believes are destined to revolutionize the industry of lighting.

Whatever application you may have including hotels, casinos, building exterior, theatre stairs, bridges, mines, signages, restaurants, etc, Californeon can help you create a lighting design you will be fully satisfied with.

#3 Ginde Star LED

Ginde Star LED logo

Ginder Star Technology’s line of products are mainly neon flexible lights. This company is a highly specialized manufacturer of LED flexible neon lights focused on the R&D of lighting solutions for home, landscape, and commercial applications. They have more than 3 years of experience in OEM for around 30 clients in Europe and the US.

The company sticks to the production of affordable premium-quality LED neon flexible lights by producing lamps using a branded driver and LED components and certified materials. Ginde Star also researches and develops new neon lights using extrusion molding. They use special PVC shells to increase the evenness and intensity of the lights emitted by the flex lights.

LED Driver Manufacturers

#1 IOTA Engineering LLC

IOTA Engineering LLC logo

IOTA’s focus is on designing and manufacturing solid-state ballasts with low voltages for fluorescent projects. The company’s design for DC ballast obtained national recognition when NASA selected it in a national competition for use in SKYLAB. Their system performed well on all of the missions. This made IOTA a pioneer in producing innovative emergency lighting solutions for national, international, commercial, and institutional applications.

Moreover, IOTA was the first company to produce emergency LED drivers that are UL-listed. They enable distributors and specifiers the capability of offering integral emergency solutions for retrofit and field projects. Enhancements in AC Output, Open Circuit Isolation, and Time Delay made it possible for IOTA to deliver products that meet the modern demands of lamp and ballast technologies.

#2 Luxtronic

Luxtronic logo

As a brand of HADLER, Luxtronic has gained international recognition for over 30 years as a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions in the lighting electronic field. They provide products intended for explosion-proof and hazardous applications. The company strives to exemplify the premium quality of “Made in Germany.”

The customers of Luxtronic are mostly manufacturers of luminaries that are explosion-protected. They also provide constant current LED drivers and electronic ballasts that are IECEx-certified and electronics for emergency lighting suited for Zone 2 areas. The company has design platforms for Zone 1 applications which allowed Luxtronic to produce products that are customer-specific for various encapsulation.

HADLER developed the first fluorescent lamp electronic ballast for explosion-proof applications in 1990. As one of HADLER’s brands, Luxtronic’s products are guaranteed to have exceptional qualities. Lastly, Luxtronic is also a member of DIIA, ZVEI, BVMW.

#3 Yueqing WODE Electrical

WODE’s products are widely used in CCTV, communication, medical equipment, office automation, monitors, and of course, LED lighting applications. Aside from the certifications mentioned above, WODE’s LED drivers also have the IP68 waterproof degree certification.

The company has established commercial relations with the Middle East, South America, North America, and European customers including other famous companies that chose WODE as an OEM supplier.

The company’s mission is to become a worldwide supplier valued by all of its customers by providing guaranteed quality products to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. They also offer timely deliveries, competitive prices, and customer assistance. WODE is also confident that they can be your best partner for power applications in the near future.

5 Tips in Finding a Reliable LED Lighting Supplier

different current LEDs technologies in one picture

Though we have listed out all these trust-worthy led suppliers above, there are still many things to consider when choosing an LED lighting supplier for your application. This includes bulk ordering LED products from your chosen LED manufacturer.

So in this section, we have compiled some of the most important tips you can do to find a reputable LED manufacturer for your specific needs.

#1 Research how solid the LED lighting company is.

The first thing you need to do is to check if the LED lighting company is reliable. Below are some of the things you can do to validate how solid your LED lighting supplier is.

• Run a D&B report to assess the LED lighting company’s creditworthiness. This report includes the financial stress, commercial credit, and PAYDEX scores of a company.

• How long the company has been in the business of LED lighting. The history of a company can determine its future performance.

• If the LED company has its own factory and if it is possible for you to visit it firsthand.

• The number of LED lighting fixtures the company has already installed and if these were successful.

• The location of the company’s headquarters.

• How professional the company’s website is.

#2 Check out the quality of the LED lighting supplier’s products.

changing a COB LED at night

To verify the quality of the products of an LED lighting supplier, below are some of the things you can check.

• The quality system of your LED lighting manufacturer. The most accepted process and quality standard is ISO 9001 which is also regulated internationally.

• Check if your LED manufacturer provides vibration and salt spray test results for their fixtures.

• Ask for a sample or a demo to better evaluate their products’ quality. Closely examine their product by touching it to verify the constriction and design’s quality.

• The major components of their LED lighting fixtures. These include the power supply, the driver, and a rust-resistant housing which should be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the outside environment.

• The number of product iterations for each product if there is any.

• The reliability of the spec-sheets of their products.

• The competitiveness of their products’ prices.

• Their warranty terms which should be cost-effective and be able to meet your needs.

#3 Determine the level of support you will get from the LED lighting supplier.

Closeup of finger on keyboard with words CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP

Once you are sure that the LED lighting supplier is a well-established one with proper experience and good product quality, the next thing is to see how much support you will get before, during, and after the project.

Contact the salesperson of your supplier to verify the information you need regarding their products and the buying process. Do not just rely on the specs and downloadable files on the LED lighting supplier’s website. Some manufacturers do not always update the information on their websites regularly.


#4 See how easy you can get pricing, technical information, and ROI analysis from your chosen supplier.

ROI, Return on investment business and technology concept on virtual screen background

Your LED lighting solution supplier should be able to give you catalogs, IES files, product data sheets, price lists, test data, DLC listings, photometric analysis, and others.

It is also good to know the ROI you will get based on the prices of the lighting products of your supplier choices. This helps you filter out which supplier will give you the highest ROI. Some suppliers offer ROI analysis to help their customers realize how much they can benefit from choosing their products.

#5 Know the turnaround time of your LED lighting supplier.

Your LED lighting supplier should be able to deliver your purchased products within a reasonable time. There are a lot of suppliers who commit to early delivery times but often fail in the actual delivery period. 

One good way for you to check if your LED supplier can meet the arranged delivery time is to ask for samples. If you were not able to get the samples within the assigned time, do not expect that you will get your bulk order delivered in a timely fashion.

You can read more on how to find a reliable LED strip manufacturer here. Although the provided link talks about where you can find LED strip manufacturers and how to find the best one online, you can also use it in finding a reliable manufacturer for other LED lighting products.


Finding an LED lighting supplier you can partner with for your specific application is crucial. Picking a good supplier helps you in delivering a quality service to your consumers which in turn increases your brand reach and revenues. 

Hopefully, the lighting manufacturers list we have compiled for you will help you find the right LED supplier for your company.  Did we miss something? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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