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  • Professional LED Tape Light Manufacturer with Superior Quality & Customized Solutions specialized for Wholesalers / Distributors / Project Contractors / Brand Owners.
  • Offering a wide range of variant-colors LED Strips for Residential, Commercial & Industrial use, including Flexible LED Strips / Silocone LED Neon Strips / Rigid LED Strips.
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You Will Benefit From

Various LED Strips Highly-Customized to Meet Specific Needs of Your Business for Lower Cost & Enhancing Profit.

  • For Wholeslers & Distributors

    A wide range of LED Strip Lights in bulk with Flexible MOQ for different product series of 3528 / 5730 / 5050 / 2835 / etc...

  • For Project Contractors & Importers

    200+ In-stock Styles of LED Strips available to Meet Your Sourcing Needs with faster order delivery for your project.

  • For Brand Owners

    One-stop Customizable Solutions Tailor-made to suit your Lighting Projects & creative LED Strip ideas with OEM/ODM Service.

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    Hot Collection of LED Tape Light

    • Flexible LED Strip Lights
    • Silicone LED Neon Strips
    • Rigid LED Strip Lights
    • s01 1

      3528 LED Strip

      s01 2

      5050 LED Strip

      s01 3

      2835 LED Strip

      s01 4

      Built-in 2-in-1 3528 CCT Adjustable Strip

      s01 5

      Built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW Strip

      s01 6

      5050 RGB and Single Color LED Strips

    • silicone01

      Flexible LED Neon Flex 6*12mm Side View


      Silicone LED Neon Strip 10*10mm Top View


      Silicone LED Neon Strip 8*16mm Side View


      Silicone LED Neon Strip 20*11mm Side View


      Silicone Mini LED Neon Strip 4*10mm Side View

    • rigid01

      5050 Rigid LED Strip


      High Density 2835 Rigid LED Strip


      Super Bright 5630 Rigid LED Strip


      Backlit 3030 Rigid LED Strip


      Double Row 2835 Rigid LED Strip


      Double Row 5630 Rigid Strip Light

    Top Advantage for Your Benefits

    Competitive Wholesales Price:

    Most Affordable Cost secured by Strict Supply Chain Control and Outstanding Quality by top-of-the-line LEDs and the latest Japanese SMT machines.

    All-in-one Precise Customization:

    Offering Flexible LED Strip Solutions to perfectly meet your unique Global Market Demands by Size / Shape / Brightness / Color / CCT / CRI / etc.

    100% Benefits Guarantee:

    Up to 5-Years Warranty and Free Sample available with SGS & UL Approval Certification for PCB of LED Strip Lights.

    PCB Design Support:

    Customizing your LED light strips on a PCB level to suit your project, which means you can hand-pick factors like color temperature, luminous intensity, brightness and more.

    All-in-one Customization for Your Business Needs

    Our tailor-made LED strips offer you whatever you prefer.

    • Brightness
    • Lighting Color
    • Color Temperature
    • CRI
    • Sizes & Shapes
    p04 s04img 01


    Using different LEDs and powered by a specific power supply, the brightness of LED strip lights can be adjusted to fit any occasion.

    Different lighting tasks need different brightness. Figure out where you would like to install and talk with our experts!

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    Lighting Color

    Choosing the right color helps to light your environment to the designed atmosphere. LED strip lights can be customized to any color as preferred.

    Start designing a specific color for your project and we will help to figure out the most cost-effective way!

    p04 s04img 03

    Color Temperature

    Cold or warm color temperature gives a totally different feeling even it is used in the same environment.

    Our LED strip lights' color temperature ranges from 2000k~6500k. We will recommend the most appropriate color temperature to fit your application.

    p04 s04img 04


    Higher CRI(Color Rendering Index) features a clearer, more accurate and more vivid visual experience compared to lower CRI.

    We custom high CRI(80+) strip lights ensured by strict QC testing. Make your environment as vivid as possible!

    p04 s04img 05

    Sizes & Shapes

    LED strip lights dominate other LED lights over its flexibility. It can be designed into any shape and any size to be mounted in any corner, without the constraint of rigid installation.

    Already have an idea to custom LED strip light project? Contact us for help!

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    Professional Manufacturing

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    Strict Quality Control with Certifications

    make sure over 99.9% pass rate of our quality items

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      Baking Process:
      Dehumidifying in all steps.

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      Light Color Matching:
      Light Consistency

    • LDP s07 img03

      Microscope Checking:
      Correct placement of wafers

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    Wide Applications & Smart Solutions

    • LED strip light for residential, commercial, industrial uses requires different color and mounting methods.
    • An appropriate choice on the right lighting strips helps to fulfill lighting tasks perfectly in a cost-effective way.
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    LDP s08 img02

    Stair Lighting

    LDP s08 img03

    Interior Lighting

    LDP s08 img04

    Building Lighting

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    For Kid's Fun

    Global Business Partners

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