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LED Aluminum Profile
Manufacturer in China

  • Professional LED Aluminum Profile Manufacturer with Superior Quality & Customized Solutions specialized for Wholesalers / Distributors / Project Contractors / Brand Owners.
  • Offering a wide range of variant-colors LED Aluminum Profile for Residential, Commercial & Industrial use, including T-Shape LED Profiles / U-Shape LED Profiles / Flexible LED Profiles.
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You Will Benefit From

Various LED Aluminum Profile Highly-Customized to Meet Specific Needs of Your Business for Lower Cost & Enhancing Profit.

  • For Wholeslers & Distributors

    A wide range of LED Aluminum Profiles in bulk with Flexible MOQ for different product series of EST-090A / EST-043 / EST-036/ EST-040/ etc...

  • For Project Contractors & Importers

    200+ In-stock Styles of LED Aluminum Profiles available to Meet Your Sourcing Needs with faster order delivery for your project.

  • For Brand Owners

    One-stop Customizable Solutions Tailor-made to suit your Lighting Projects & creative LED Aluminum Profiles ideas with OEM/ODM Service.

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    Hot Collection of LED Aluminum Profile

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    T Shape LED Aluminum Profile

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    U Shape LED Aluminum Profile

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    LED Strip Aluminum Profile EST-036

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    LED Aluminum Profile 3M EST-040

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    LED Strip Diffuser EST-043

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    LED Strip Holder EST-048

    Top Advantage for Your Benefits

    Trustworthy Best Quality:

    Our LED light strip profiles are made of the highest quality 6063 aluminum alloy in terms of strength and style.

    Competitive Wholesales Price:

    Focused on bulk orders at wholesale rates, both LED light strips and compatible aluminum channels for available for all your lighting needs in package.

    All-in-one Precise Customization:

    Offering Flexible LED Aluminum Profiles Solutions to perfectly meet your unique Global Market Demands such as waterproof / dustproof / fireproof in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

    100% Benefits Guarantee:

    Up to 5-Years Warranty and Free Sample available. LED aluminum channels are Tailor-made to fit your customized LED light strips with Preimium Protection & Durability.

    Wide Applications & Smart Solutions

    • Protection: customize aluminum extrusions to be waterproof, dustproof, and fireproof.
    • Lighting Effects: Various light effects are available with LED aluminum profiles in different finishes like frosted, diffused, recessed, and more.
    • Installation: Aluminum extrusions can be easily installed on any kind of surface such as walls, furniture, stairs, and more.
    • Durability: LED extrusion channels help dissipate the heat from LED light strips evenly & increases the efficiency and lifespan of LED light strips safely.

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