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Wholesale 12volt & 24volt led strip lights From China

A low voltage lighting system comes in two options of 12V LED strips and 24V LED strips. If you’re looking to cut and customize the LED lights, then you should get 12 volt LED light strips wholesale. However, use 24 volts of LED lights to provide maximum efficiency because a very little amount of the voltage energy goes into waste in the form of heat energy.


Elstar provides bulk LED light strips of both 12V and 24V, ranging from 3825 LED strips to 5050 LED strips. The LED strip lights 12v China and 24V LED lights are high-density and high-power strip lights that provide high efficiency. 


The price and performance specifications of both the LED lights won’t disappoint in the lighting aspect. You can expect top performance from both the LED strips but go for 24V if possible because they tend to be safer.

COB LED Strips

Elstar is one of the leading COB flexible LED strip manufacturers. The COB 12 volt led strip lights give outstanding performance.


The RGB/RGBW LED strip supplied by E-Abel is a popular choice that provides high luminosity in 4 different colors of red, green, blue, and white.

Addressable Led Strip

The addressable Chinese LED strip lights from Elstar can be individually controlled to create beautiful and complex lighting effects. Each LED can create a different color and level of brightness.

2216 Led Strip

Elstar is a popular China 2216 LED strip manufacturer that gives a high-density light with high color rendering index.

5050 Led Strip

The 5050 LED strip lights in China are known for their durability, efficiency, and brightest light. We offer the 5050 LED tape in four colors: Red, Green, Blue, and White.

5730 Led Strip

The 5730 LED tape China provides incandescent lighting that is waterproof. You can also get your LED strip customized as per your preferences.

2835 LED Strip Lights

Elstar produces the highest quality 2835 LED lights. These lights are bright yet dimmable and come with high intensity and density.

3014 LED Strip

The 3014 China LED strip has become a popular option because of its compact size and bright light at a low voltage.

Custom LED Light Strips

Get customized LED strips from Elstar – one of the LED strip light manufacturers. Our skilled designers can customize even the most complex designs. You can customize the following features:


You can customize the color rendering index of your lights to get sharp colors  

Dimming Option

Controls the brightness of your LED strip lights. With this customization, you won’t have to worry about your LED lights being too bright or too dim. Set the brightness of your light as per your liking

Strip Kit

You can get all the matching accessories for your LED strip. We provide all the accessories like connectors and controllers


Depending on your use, you can customize the size and dimensions of the LED light


You can get a LED strip customized in your preference of level of brightness

IP Rating

Available in IP20, IP65, and IP68 rating for your protection

LED Strip Light Projects, For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Illuminate your room with vibrant colors and enjoy making the place spottier. Enjoy the ultimate experience of using colorful LED lights. Dim or brighten up your room as you like!
Use LED lights to enhance the architectural design of your place.
Light up your path with our bright LED lights and walk safely at night. You can also use them indoors to light up your stairs at night.
Make your house outdoors looks classy with our RGB LED lights and create an entertaining vibe. Change the colors and the level of brightness according to the occasion.

Your Best-in-class China LED strip manufacturer

The Elstar LED strip light factory manufactures high-quality products that have been tested at every step of the manufacturing process to make the best products. This LED strip manufacturing process from China is best known to produce high-efficiency products at a reasonable rate. 

With features like no MOQ and customization options, you can purchase the LED lights as per your budget. Buy the LED strip lights in bulk from Elstar to get an amazing LED light experience!

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