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Features & Benefits of 3528 LED strip

Elstar manufactures top-notch quality 3528 LED strips that come with various unique features and benefits.
Here are some of the benefits of a 3528 Led strip:


Elstar 3528 LED strips can be dimmed and brightened according to your wish. The strips come with a controller that helps you adjust the lighting.

Highly Luminous

The Elstar 3528 is a high luminosity LED strip that distributes evenly around the space.

Easy To Install

The Elstar SMD 3528 LED strips are very easy to install and can be used without any hassles


At Elstar, we do not compromise with quality. Our LED strips are of quality that cannot be compromised and also comes with a warranty.

Why 3528 LED strips

What makes Elstar 3528 LED strips so popular? Here are a few reasons why our LED strips lights are the perfect choice for you:


Our LED strips come covered with a protective layering that prevents the entry of water. Our products are completely waterproof and you can use them in places where there are chances of water exposure because there is no compromise of quality during the production process.

High Density

Elstar 3528 Led light strips from Elstar are highly luminous, bright and they spread the light evenly over the given space. They can be used in places where bright light is required. They can be used in places that require high precision work, for which a bright light is required.

High Power

Elstar 3528 LED light strips are durable and lasting. They are efficient products that are made with strict quality checks at every stage of production and manufacturing. These products are long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about changing the lights often. You also get a warranty on the products.


The 3528 LED light strips from Elstar give you complete control over the product. You can control the product with a controller that is provided along with the light strips. You can control the brightness according to your wish so that you can choose the lighting that matches your mood.

Applications of 3528 LED strip

Elstar manufacturers strive to manufacture the best quality LED strips. You can adjust the LED strips’ brightness according to your wish, you can use them for low lighting setups in homes, bars, and other such places for a cozy atmosphere.
The 3528 LED light strips can be used for places such as under the cabinet lighting and staircase lighting.
Since these LED lights can be turned up to maximum brightness, they can also be used in places where high brightness is required, like schools, offices, etc.
Bright 3528 LED light strips can also be used in places that require bright lights for precision work, like operation theatres, factories, etc.

Why Wholesale 3528 LED Strip In Bulk From Elstar

Certified strip quality

At Elstar, quality is never compromised and quality checks are done at every stage of production. Our products are certified and we strive to provide only the best products.

Full strip options

You can customize your 3528 LED light strip and get them done according to your wish and event. This feature enables you to select your strip according to your wish.

Competitive price

Our products come at reasonable prices and this sets us apart from other manufacturers. At Elstar, you can get the best products at wholesale prices, without any decrease in quality standards.

No minimum MOQ

You can order as many or as few LED strips as you want from Elstar. There is absolutely no minimum order quantity and the order is customized according to your wish.

Your Professional 3528 LED strip Supplier

Elstar manufactures only the best product with the best quality checks at every stage of the production process. Our products last much longer, are not heavy on the pocket, are versatile, and produce the best light while they last. Working with Elstar manufacturers helps you to set up your dream project according to your wish easily.


Our quality and dedication to our customers set us apart from our other competitors and we strive to keep up with the best performance possible. We value customer satisfaction, so with Elstar, you can make your dream lighting projects come true, without any hassles.

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